Types of Chickens

Do you Know your Types of Chickens?

When asking about types of chickens, there are a couple of different aspects that come to mind.

First, how will we define “types”?

Some folks will immediatly look at:

Chicken Breeds

All of these are valid “types of chickens” but we want to concentrate more on the Purpose of certain chickens in general. Chickens, like humans have diverse personalities and depending on the breed or type they may surprise you as to how docile or unfriendly they really can be.
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Reasons to Raise Chickens

Reasons to Raise chickens.

 Chickens make great pets!

They have personality galore, and for the most part they’re very easy to care for. They’re bright, funny, quirky, friendly, loving little balls of feathers-and they’re entertaining, also. When you have a flock, you’ll find they have their own friends, their own cliques, their own favorite nest. Chickens come in such an array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes that some of them look more like exotic tropical birds-or even alien life-forms-than farm animals. [click to continue…]


What to feed Chickens 1

A question for new Chicken Owners,

What to feed Chickens?

So, What do you feed your chickens?

If you ask this question in a forum with lots of followers you will get lots of different answers. What I hope to do is shed some light on some of the most accepted and common foods! Many new chicken owners do not know what is good for or what is bad for their chickens! Nothing against new owners, we all have to learn the ins and outs somehow an sometime for whatever new endeavor we try. [click to continue…]


Chicken Supplies

Learning about Chicken Supplies & Ownership

So you have been thinking of keeping chickens in your own backyard but don’t know where to start or what kind of chicken supplies you will need? Well this will no longer be a big issue to you anymore; after reading this article you will discover how easy it is to keep chickens and not only make it a hobby, but also enjoy fresh poultry products. However, one thing you need to know is that you must be prepared to take care of chickens just like any other animal. [click to continue…]


Laying Hens

Considering Raising Laying Hens?

Do you enjoy eating eggs? Then there is no reason as to why you should be purchasing them if you have some space in your backyard where you can raise laying hens. The good thing with raising laying chickens is that, you will not only have a ready source of eggs for domestic consumption, but you can make a fairly good income out of supplying fresh eggs in your nearest supermarkets and to neighbors. [click to continue…]


Probiotics Reviews

In this article I am sharing with you the best product I have found through my Probiotics Reviews!

” I have recently found a miracle product for all poultry of all ages! It is simply the best product I have ever owned for my birds!”

A healthy bird from day one is key to a life of production. There is one simple, easy to use product that not only helps birds stay healthy, but also helps them to produce more eggs that are larger in size and more meat! This probiotic will grow your birds to their full potential! [click to continue…]


What do Chickens eat

Here at Chicken Review, we receive lots of questions from readers.  The top three being:

  1. What do chickens eat?
  2. Are there foods I should not let my Chickens have?
  3. How much do I feed my chickens and how can I fatten them up?

What do chickens eat?

Chickens eat most anything they can get down their throats! Chickens are not picky, (No pun intended) they will eat most anything! Chickens that are confined to a Chicken Coop will most likely be on a diet of mostly food purchased from a retail outlet such as a Farm and Garden place.

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Blue Sumatra Rooster

The Sumatra Chicken Breed originated on the Island of Sumatra. They were originally bred for fighting purposes but now thankfully they are primarily used for exhibition. The Blue Sumatra here in this picture is a most beautiful bird! This is a much rarer bird than the Black Sumatra. The Black Sumatra is much more common here in the states.

As stated above the Sumatra are mostly ornamental birds and sough out for their beautiful plumage! The most common is Black with a sheen of green throughout the body and tail. They also come in Blue and White and a splotch color. [click to continue…]


Buckeye Chickens

Buckeye Chickens are birds that originated in the 19th century in the State of Ohio. This Buckeye breed is unique in that it is the only breed known to be created soley by a woman, Nettie Metcalf. They have a small pea comb, the only pure bred American chicken to do so, and are very rare birds. They are on the critically endangered list of chickens. Of course, being a chicken bred and originating in Ohio, what other name besides Buckeye would have been a proper fit? They are mahogany in color and the critics say this matches the color of the Ohio Buckeye Plant Seeds? [click to continue…]


Appenzeller Spitzhauben - Copy

The Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken breed originated in the Appenzell region of Switzerland, hence the name! They were name because of the hats the ladies in that region wore. They had big top tufts on the hats and the hens and roosters match! Spitzhauben means “Pointed Hood” like the ladies hats from that area and the combs on these chickens. These are bred in three colors, black, golden spangled and silver spangled plumage. The Silver Spangle is the most common color in North America. [click to continue…]